We’re here to make your taxes fair.

And we’re starting with your VAT.

Our software checks your business expenses for cross-border VAT, and helps you get it refunded.

See how much you can get back

We save your business both time and money by automating the process of calculating and reclaiming cross-border VAT. What would normally take an accountant several weeks to do, we can achieve in less than a day.

It’s about fairness

European SMEs are strong at paying their taxes - as they should be.

What we SMEs are not as good at, is making sure we get the right deductions. The process - especially for cross-border deductions - is so complicated that it’s typically only large enterprises who utilise these options.

But VAT is a tax on consumption — not on doing business! Therefore we’re helping European businesses recover their cross-border VAT — one euro at a time!

Unrecovered VAT in Europe, yearly
€ 20 bn
Avg. refund per business (yearly)
€ 10 000

Connects to the software that you know and love

We integrate directly to a palette of market-leading software, enabling you to make fewer exports and save even more time.

And if we don’t connect directly to your accounting platform stack, don’t worry! A new integration is probably on its way, and in the meantime, we can help you import your data to our platform.

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