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Join us on our journeyto make SME taxes fair

Hey VC-person!
Happy that we’ve created enough buzz to capture your attention - that’s always a great sign.

While you’re scouting for opportunities to be part of unicorns-to-be’s cap tables, we’re growth hacking to become one of said unicorns. And we’re shamelessly using you for this as well!

If you help connect us with at least two of your EU portfolio companies, we’ll automatically send you a link to book a call with Jonathan Bredo, co-founder and CEO.

Just give us your email up-front here below, and then CC in to three separate companies, and as soon as one of them responds, you get your booking link :-).
We’ve even made a template that you can use.

(Are you finding this too cheeky? Then we probably aren’t a great match, but if you’re convinced that we should talk regardless, you can shoot your shot at ir‑